External Wall Systems

Course ref: 24285

Gain an overview of the various cladding systems currently installed on buildings, the materials that are used, fixing methods, finishes, and the different types of cavity barriers and closures that can be used.


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Who is this course for

The training course would be of interest to anyone involved in the construction industry, including but not limited to: Facilities Managers, Building Managers, Fire Risk Assessors, Construction Companies, Developers and Building Control.

What will you take away

  • An understanding of how fire moves around buildings and the different techniques used to contain fires
  • Cladding systems that are in use today, the materials that they’re made from and how to identify systems installed on buildings
  • The different types of cavity barriers used and how to check if they are installed correctly
  • The current legislation and guidance related to external all systems including Regulation 7 and PAS 9980

There are 5 modules that make up this course.

We begin with a brief look at the changes that have occurred over the last 200 years in UK housing stock, in particular the types/styles of dwellings, construction techniques and materials used.

An overview of compartmentation and how this is used to reduce the risk to both the occupants of a building and the building itself follows.

During the last part of the module, learners will learn how fire moves up tall buildings and how the speed/growth of a fire involving external walls is influenced by the materials used.

During the second module, delegates will learn about changes to existing legislation, and any new legislation relating to external wall systems, including changes to Regulation 7, Fire Safety Act 2021 and PAS 9980. An overview of EWS1 forms and procedures will also be covered.

The third module begins with a materials identification exercise which then leads into a detailed look at the various external wall systems currently installed on buildings, the materials that are used, fixing methods, and finishes. Examples of these systems will be available during the course.

Cavity barriers used in external wall systems, are covered in module 4, including open and closed state cavity barriers, correct installation and problems seen on site.

The last module covers system testing and classification, and includes a run through of the BS8414 test and BR135 classification.

None. You do not require any previous qualifications or experience relating to External Wall Systems in order to take this course. Students of all ages and academic background can enrol on this course.

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Course date: 13 June, 2023
Course Reference: 24285
Course location: Aylesbury, Holiday Inn